Sharing Circle Testimonies


Here are some testimonies from women who have participated in our research!


Being part of the healing circle and getting to revisit my birthing story surrounded by a community of women who also shared their stories was such an act of courage and inherent blessings. I didn¹t know until I started speaking how profoundly my world had changed when I gave birth. The act of giving birth was an act of self-advocacy and determination to have a joy filled, my way (read) road to happiness ­ birthing experience. In watching the words tumble from my lips, and seeing the looks on the faces around me ­ I realized that I did it ­ that I was capable to creating the story that I had so desired to experience as a birthing mama. It made me realize that I do wear a cape that allows me to fly above the sky and touch past mountain tops when needed ­ it also made me see how my story can be everyone¹s story and vice versa and that we all deserve to be co-creators in our birthing stories.  I so appreciate BWBJ for creating the space to allow our voices to be authentically heard. It was a profound sharing that I hope to revisit.


--Christine Atkins-Brooks



Sharing my birth story allowed me to share my growth as a woman and mother. I was given a safe space to honor the process of bearing my children. I spoke about the challenges of my first birth and how I learned from it in order to have an amazing second birth. I appreciate the opportunity to speak about the beginning of my journey into motherhood and to re-live such an important experience that has forever changed who I am.



--Jamilah Campbell



I was so honored to be a part of the circle this weekend! Thank you for providing me/us with a safe space to share and relive our birth experiences. I arrived tired and frazzled from a long week of working and juggling the kids, not expecting that sharing my own story and listening to so many others would be such an emotional experience. I didn’t know how much I needed to re-ground myself and reconnect until I was there. What a joy it was to be reminded of how powerful we all are! I left feeling so full of love and thankful to be a part of such a wonderful community.


-Dawne David-Pierre


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