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Webinar: Breastfeeding as a Radical Act

Black Breastfeeding Week

I've been a doula my whole life and never even knew it... by Camylle Fleming

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Battling Over Birth Report Launch

Let's Talk About Sex

Decolonize Birth Conference 

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Birthing Justice Available for Purchase

Host A Kitchen Table Reading Circle

Free Discussion Guide for Birthing Justice

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Young Moms & Birth Injustice

Bringing "Older" Moms into Birth Justice

BWBJ Doula Training

Breastfed is Bestfed!

Breastfeeding and Social Justice

The BeBop of Breastfeeding

Access to Midwifery 

Birth Justice is Economic Justice

A New Birth Story with Julia Chinyere Oparah 


Birthing Digital Activism

Birthing Justice & Womanist Theater

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Birthing Justice

Why We Need Queer Birth Justice

Empowering Young Parents

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 Postpartum Doulas Understood

 Doula Work is Tradition

 BWBJ offers free Doula Training

Black Women Do VBAC!

VBAC and Reproductive Justice

OBGYN & VBAC Advocate Christ-Ann Magloire 

No More Shackles 

Loving Yourself and Your Baby by Selena Green, CPM

What is a Doula by Linda Jones