History and Strategy

In 2011, BWBJ began an action research project to document 100 black women’s experiences of childbirth in California. We believe that action research carried out by ourselves, for ourselves, can be a powerful tool for social change. By documenting our stories, we release the power of our collective knowledge and experience. Our ultimate goal is to release a report that will challenge policymakers, health practitioners, our communities and families to change the practices that prevent many of us from having empowering and healthy birth experiences.


Our research goals are:


• to document Black/African American/African/Caribbean/multiracial women’s 

experiences of pregnancy and childbirth;


• to investigate factors contributing to positive pregnancy outcomes and 

postpartum physical and mental health;


• to explore the impact of medicalization and medical access on Black women’s experiences of childbirth;


• to investigate the revitalization of traditional prenatal and childbirth practices in black communities;


• to examine the relationship between Black women and the natural childbirth 



For more information contact stories@bwbj.org