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Kathi Barber

Kathi Barber is the author of The Black Woman's Guide to Breastfeeding: The Definitive Guide to Nursing for African American Mothers and Lactation Management: Strategies for Working with African American Moms. The Black Woman’s Guide to Breastfeeding is a “how-to” breastfeeding book that focuses on the specific challenges that Black mothers face.  Kathi’s second book, Lactation Management provides guidance to lactation and other professionals who need assistance in effectively working with their African American clients.


Kathi founded the African American Breastfeeding Alliance (AABA) in January of 2000.  AABA, a non-profit organization that worked to educate AA women and families about the importance of breastfeeding, was the first organization to promote and support breastfeeding in Black communities. By creating a groundswell of interest, the African American Breastfeeding Alliance (founded by Kathi in 2000) successfully mobilized women, groups and agencies across the country to focus on the singular needs of breastfeeding in this community.  


Kathi travels across the country to speak, and to train Peer Counselors and educate clinical and paraprofessional staff on promoting and supporting breastfeeding in the AA community.  She has consulted with the U.S. HHS and a host of other organizations on this important topic.  Her work has been featured in The Washington Post, Ebony Magazine, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, on NPR and many other media outlets.  


Beyond breastfeeding advocacy, Kathi supports women in the area of depression.  Currently she is writing her third book on women of color and mental health. Her work has forged a passion and commitment to social justice and equal rights for reproductive, birth and overall health in communities of color and other groups society has placed on the fringe!


Most important to know about Kathi is that she is an outrageously proud mother of two teenagers