In addition to grassroots advocacy, BWBJ is committed to supporting vital legislation that impacts pregnant and parenting people, families, and babies. Our elected officials are responsible for ensuring that all Californians, no matter their income, ethnic background, immigration status, sexual orientation, age, or religious affiliation, have the resource they need to thrive. This year we have chosen three bills to support. Please read about them below and find out how you can get involved. 

SB899 - Mitchell

Invest in California Families, repeal the maximum family grant (SB 899) will repeal California’s policy of denying financial support to babies born while their families are receiving CalWORKs basic needs grants. The only exceptions to this policy, known as the Maximum Family Grant (MFG) rule, are for rape and the failure of certain long-acting contraceptives specified in the law.


BWBJ knows that every family, no matter their income, deserves a fair chance to thrive and regardless how a child came into this world, they have a right to resources to live a healthy life. We support SB 899, repealing the maximum family grant because the state should not mandate that one child in a CalWorks home should receive less than another.

AB 1516 - Gonzalez

The Diaper bill (AB 1516) would provide an $80 per month supplement to eligible children receiving public assistance and would create a public-private partnership fund to help facilitate the distribution of financial donations and diaper contributions to the neediest of families.Every parent or guardian who has cared for an infant knows how vital diapers are.


BWBJ supports AB 1516, The Diaper Bill because every person, no matter their income, should have the dignity of being able to diaper their child. We also hope, that in the near future, every person will be granted the opportunity to use the diapering method of their choice including cloth and chemical free diapers.

SB 1135 - Jackson

SB 1135 will clarify the prohibition of sterilizations for the purpose of birth control on individuals involuntarily confined or detained under civil or criminal statute while creating and enhancing safeguards, transparency, and accountability for sterilization procedures deemed medically emergent or medically necessary.


The environment in prison is coercive and incarcerated people have few choices. California has a long history of eugenics and has sterilized over 20,000 women since the early 1900s. BWBJ supports SB 1135 to ensure that a woman's right to choose whether to get pregnant is not stolen from her by the criminal justice system.